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This summer I’ve been reading a lot of indie fiction. Some people turn their noses up at anything not traditionally published, but I’ve found there are plenty of gems out there for those willing to take a chance on an unknown author. This month I’ve reviewed four of the best indies I’ve read in the past few months.

The Comyn’s Curse

Spanning five centuries and two continents, The Comyn’s Curse is a story of a love so strong it can’t be destroyed by death or the passage of time. Aubrey Cumming flees heartbreak in the US and finds a new start in the Scottish Highlands. Then she is confronted by the Comyn’s curse, an ancient curse that threatens her very life.

I quickly got lost in this completely enjoyable paranormal romance that takes the reader from the US to Scotland. Bits of Scottish history gave another layer to the story, as did the vivid descriptions that made me feel as though I was there. This fun story takes a few surprising twists and kept me reading long into the night. My only regret is the second book in the series isn’t out yet.

Sight in the Dark

Eight indie authors banded together to write a series of novellas, all set in the town of Crimson Falls. Sight in the Dark is AM Ialacci’s contribution.

Recently divorced Cleo Kemp inherits a house in small town Crimson Falls. Her inheritance seems like the perfect opportunity to start over and jump start her struggling career as a photographer. Then she stumbles on a dead body in the woods.

Cleo ends up assisting Officer Will Truman in solving the case and she becomes obsessed with the investigation. More troubling than the dark secrets she’s learning about Crimson Falls are her growing and confusing feelings for Will. She wonders if she’ll ever learn the truth about the string of murders that plague the town.

Sight in the Dark is an entertaining read with a tight plot and a great cast of characters. I was on edge from start to finish.

The Castaway King Chronicles: After the Dark

Spencer Labbe has written a great story for the upper middle grades or the lower end of young adult.

Pil Persins has spent his life underground, as he and all the other Elfin have for thousands of years, hiding from the dangers above. He sees one path to freedom, which is to become an Exidite, a member of a band of warriors who go out aboveground at night to search for supplies and confront their enemies. Pil and his friends succeed in being accepted into the Exidite. The adventures they encounter take them through danger and a treacherous search for the truth in the midst of betrayal by allies and the lies of their enemies.

The Crafting of Chess: A LitRPG Adventure

I chose this one simply because I’d never read any LitRPG before. I’m so glad I gave the genre a try, and enjoyed Kit Falbo’s novel tremendously.

Sixteen-year-old Nate spends his time hustling chess or wagering pick-up games online. It’s the only life he knows living with his con-man grandfather. A new immersive game gives him the chance to earn some steady money. He’s looking to be able to stop moving from town to town and wean his grandfather away from his con artist ways. What happens is beyond any plan Nate could have imagined.

RPG game fans will be sure to enjoy this. I found Nate an interesting character, and his relationship with his grandfather was complex and fascinating. The characters Nate meets in the game, whether other players or simply personas fueled by the game’s programming helped create a very believable game scenario along with some action and excitement.

Any of these look appealing? What indies have you read and enjoyed lately? Tell us about them in the comments!

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review of The Comyn’s Curse, Evelyn! Fear not, the second book will be out in November. And now that my judging duties for the summer contest are done, I can knuckle down to my beta-reading of Magic Ties!

  2. Thank you for writing such a great book! I hope you enjoy Magic Ties as much as I enjoyed Comyn’s Curse.

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