Book Bubbles: Another Way to Market Books

Recently I came across Bublish, which is a new way to market and promote books.

The concept is simple. Bublish attempts to mimic the experience of flipping through a book while browsing in a book store. Authors can create bubbles, which include an excerpt from the book and some comments from the author related to that section of the book.

All you have to do is upload your book in an epub file, and follow the very simple directions. Like most sites, you’ll need to set up an author profile, complete with bio and book synopsis.

My first question was how do you create an epub file? There is free software called Sigil which can take care of this task. This series of YouTube videos was very helpful.

After I was nearly finished converting my book via Sigil, I remembered that I had published through A quick check over there showed me I already had an epub file ready to go. Too bad I hadn’t remembered sooner!

I’m not sure what Bublish will do for me in terms of book sales. What I like about it is the Author Insight feature offers readers something different they can’t get somewhere else.

My first book bubble can be viewed here.

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