Big Adventures Await

Photo by Linus Sandvide on Unsplash

Last week I played hooky to go on an adventure of me own. Along with seven other people, we set off tubing down the Catawba River, enjoying some late summer sun on the water.

And this wasn’t the tubing I remember from my younger days when we grabbed any old inner tube and jumped in. This time we went in style, floating on inner tubes made for the purpose, complete with cupholders and headrests.

What I’ve Been Writing

Even though I took a day off, I’m making steady progress on the Girl Who Broke the Dark. I’ve also tackled the corrections my editor recommended in Flood of the Fire. No more days off for this girl until I get them done, so I can meet the November 15 launch date.

And if all goes according to plan (I know, I say that a lot but stuff happens), the audio version of Flight of the Spark will be out October 11.

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