Another Stupid Move

Have You Ever Done This?

It’s another entry in my stupid moves file…

I was at the grocery store and was ready to pay. No credit card.

I had my drivers’ license and shopping reward card, but nothing else. The sympathetic cashier said she’d ring it all up and would put my cart at customer service.

So I raced home, thinking the credit card was still in my other purse. Nope.

Grabbed another card, now wondering if I’d dropped the first one in the store.

Raced back. Paid for groceries, and the customer service woman said no one had turned in a lost credit card.

Now I’m frantic someone was buying their holiday dinner on me.

Once in the car, I called my husband, who put a lock on the card.

Later that evening we went to church. I opened the passenger side of the car, and there was my credit card lying on the seat. In my panic, I hadn’t noticed it.

Duh. Have you ever done something like this?

But it wasn’t a total loss. My husband had a good laugh over it.

I got an idea for refining my protagonist’s character arc.

Instead of merely being impulsive, she’s driven to solve things quickly.  In her haste, she overlooks an obvious solution. She’s going to be much more interesting now.

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been writing: the third draft of The Girl Who Broke the Dark.

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