Against the Wind

Editing has got to be my least favorite part of the job. Reading each chapter over and over, looking for mistakes and places to make the text more evocative and the action more exciting. Searching for those stubborn typos whose superpower seems to be hiding in plain sight. Sometimes it feels like I’m walking into a stiff wind that blows me backwards with every step.

And after I think I’m done, I realize I’ve got a bigger problem.

Like in one of the later chapters of The Girl Who Broke the Dark. I have Princess Eliana having a conversation with someone sitting a few feet away from her. At one point, I have her elbow him. Oops. Unless she’s gained the powers of Elastic Man, that’s not going to work. Good thing I found that blunder instead of one of my eagle-eyed readers!

I’ve finished what I think (and pray) is the second to last editing pass. One more, and The Girl Who Broke the Dark will be ready to send to advance readers. And then in November it will be available to everyone!

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