A Close Encounter with a Speeding Locomotive

Image by DerWeg from Pixabay

It was a close encounter, indeed. Grandson #4 decided it would be great fun to run his locomotive over my head. Which was no problem. Except that it was running.

Before I knew it, the little wheels of the train had snagged my bangs. With every chug they grabbed more hair, pulling tighter and tighter. The train was pressed against my head before I could get someone to turn it off.

Then came the slow process of freeing my hair. I vetoed the suggestion that we just cut it out as it was stuck on the front of my hair. Every tug on the train was painful. My long suffering husband eventually freed me and only a little hair was lost in the process.

But I had to think of all those fight scenes I’ve read where hair pulling is involved. The authors certainly downplayed the excruciating pain you can cause just by yanking on someone’s hair.

If I ever do write a scene involving hair pulling, I won’t make that mistake.

What I’ve Been Writing

Sting of Power is moving along. If all goes well, it will be at the editor by the end of the summer. Stay tuned!

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